The Underdog — Spoon



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 Em C 
 Picture yourself in the living room 
 your pipe and slippers set out for you 
 I know you think that it ain`t too far 
 But I hear the call of a lifetime ring 
 felt the need to get up for it 
 oh you cut out the middleman 
 D Em 
 get free from the middleman 
 You got no time for the messenger, 
 got no regard for the thing that you don`t understand, 
 you got no fear of the underdog, 
 that`s why you will not survive! 

 I want to forget how conviction fits 
 but can I get out from under it? 
 Can I gut it out of me? 
 It can`t all be wedding cake 
 It can`t all be boiled away 
 I try but I can`t let Go of it 
 Can`t let Go of it, 

 Cause you don`t talk to the water boy 
 and there`s so much you could learn but you don`t want to know, 
 You will not back up an inch ever, 
 that`s why you will not survive, 

 The thing that I tell you now 
 It may not Go over well 
 And it may not be photo-op 
 in the way that I spell it out 

 But you won`t hear from the messenger, 
 don`t wanna know bout something that you don`t understand, 
 You got no fear of the underdog, 
 that`s why you will not survive! (Hey!)

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