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Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 16:41:30 +1100
From: The Vance Family 
Subject: TAB-century by live


>From secret Samadhi
written & performed by live, lyrics by Edward Kowalczyk
Tabbed by Matt Vance:e-mail [email protected]

Ok, this is the first one of these i've done, so I don't know if it's
going to be any good, but here goes:

This is Played tuned down half a step, like most of the songs on secret
Samadhi.It's fairly basic, only a couple of cords strummed for the intro
and power chords for the chorus. Basically, there are 3 parts to this
song, the Verse, chorus, and the bridge.
Part 1:VERSE
This has 2 chords strummed fairly fast (listening to the song helps)and
a B chord added at the end.
 E	F#
---x-- ------
-xx--- xxxxxx
------ ---x--|
------ xx----|

   E		     F#			    E
	Everybody's here, puke stinks like beer
			 F#			  E
	This could be a city, this could be a graveyard,
		      F#		 E	F#
	you stole my idea, you stole my idea,
   E		      F#			     E
	Everybody's anxious, for the coming of the crisis,
			      F#			E
	the collapse of the justice, i can smell your armpits,
		      F#		 E		    F#
	you stole my idea, you stole my idea, you stole my idea,
	this puke stinks like beer, & everybody's here,
This is fairly basic, just 3 chords, which can be played as power
chords, or a full bar chord. The 3 Chords are:
  G	  A		B
xxxxxx xxxxxx 5fr.  xxxxxx 7fr.
---x-- ---x--         ---x---|
-xx--- -xx---       -xx------|
------ ------       ---------|
These are the bar versions of these chords, you can play them as a
open Chord, but it's easier to play them as a bar.
	       A	A	 A
	So come on, come on, come on,
  G	      A      E
	let's lay waste to, this century,
	    A	     A	      A
	come on, come on, come on,
  G	   A	     E		E
	return to nothin, & help me,

The bridge has 4 Chords, which I play as bar chords, but that's just my
Personal preferance, any part of this song can be played as an open
chord. The 4 chords are already tabbed here, so this is how it goes:
   F#		    F#		G   G
	On the edge,  of a kiss,  smack on the lips,
   A	A		B
	dangled with tounge,
   F#		    F#		 G	 G
	On the edge,  of a peace,  that can't stand low,
   A	  A		B
	& won't stand tall
NOTE: All the strumming for the bridge is evenly spaced apart, the
lyrics are not in time with the guitar.I have tried to fit the chords
in with where they go with the words, this tab is not written in time.

For the last part, it's amazing what we can, do with love, it's the
same pattern as the chorus, just G, A, E.

Well, that's about it, the rest of the song repeats through the chorus
again, and the second verse has the same pattern as the first. If you
listen to the song you shouldn't have any trouble fitting it in with
the words. If you have any suggestions, or want to fix up anything
that's wrong with this tab, please E-mail me at [email protected]

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