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Lost again, am I lost again
Closed my eyes and kept on going
 Bb                C
Now I'm gone and nothing's gonna endure
 Am               Bb
Unless I love you even more
 F             C
Found again, am I found again
By your hands
My home is in your hands
But that's a touch I don't deserve anymore
Unless I love you even more
A stubborn heart can stay broken forever
Dm  Am             G       Am  G     F
But someday the tightrope's gonna break
Will I fall into a cool cool river
Or will I fall into a frozen lake
Saved again, am I saved again
By your eyes- the tears in your eyes
Your tears are the only thing that make me sure
I've got to love you even more
And your tears are the only thing that'll endure
Unless I love you even more

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