Who Would Imagine A King — Whitney Houston



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 C       F     Am     Em
1. Mommies and daddies always believe,
       F       C       Dm     G
   that their little angels are special indeed.
      Am         C     Dm   F
   And you could grow up to be anything,
      C       F     C  F
   but who would imagine a king?
     C       F       Am        Em
2. A shepherd, or teacher is what you could be,
     F     C      Dm       G
   or maybe a fisherman out on the sea.
     Am     C      Dm      F
   Or maybe a carpenter building things,
      C       F     C
   but who would imagine a king?
   Dm                C       Am
   It was so clear when the wise men arrived,
         Dm       F        C
   and the angels were singing your name,
              Dm     F           C      Am
   that the world would be different 'cause you were alive,
           F         Dm       F G
   that's what heaven stood still to proclaim.
   C       F       Am Em
3. One day an angel said quietly,
       F         C          Dm     G
   that soon he would bring something special to me,
       Am       C     Dm         F
   and of all of the wonderful gifts he could bring,
   C       F     C       Dm
   who would imagine, who could imagine,
   C       F     C
   who would imagine a king?

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