In Walks The Night — Heart



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Intro:  Piano riff   F#(addG#)  xx4324   xxx322

                           C#                                 F#
VERSE:   The  night  is  falling  like  an  angel  on  your  memory.

C#                                         A#m7                 B
We  are  well  aquainted  we  are  sworn  enemies.  And  the  lonely

                  F#                       A#m7                       G#sus4  G#
Beating  of  my  heart  tonight  is  only  one  more  thing  I  gotta  fight.

When I think about you baby, the days of heaven that we had.  And I get to thinking 
maybe, maybe too much thinking's bad. Well my mind takes no prisoners, pity's no one, 
spares not even me till the harm is done.

B                 F#                          C#
Here  I  go  again, the  night  just  walked  in.

                          F#                      B
CHORUS:  In  walks  the  night,  in  walks  my  fantasy.  Darkness  all

   D#m                 C#sus4           C#               Bsus4
around  me,  And  I'm  dying  for  a  light,  I  reach  down  for  a  little

B                   F#
strength  deep  inside.

         E                                    B
BRIDGE:  I  can  almost  feel  you  in  the  darkness  all  around

D#m                                      A#m     E
still  I'm  waiting  for  the  break  of  day,  waiting  for  a  miracle

    B                           C5
A  dream  that  won't  wander  away.

VERSE 2:  


D#m: x68876
Bsus4: x24452
A#m7: x13123 or 686666
C#sus4: x46674
G#sus4: 466644

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