Please Come Home For Christmas — Eagles



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Intro: A E F#  C# 
verse 1: 
                      A       Amaj7           A7 
     Bells will be ringing     the sad, sad news 
                   D                   B7/D# 
     Oh what a Christmas to have the blues 
                  A     D           A A/G#   F#m
     My baby's gone   I have no friends 
                   B7             E  E  
     To wish me greetings once again 
Verse 2:
                      A       Amaj7   A7 
     Crowds will be singing "Silent Night" 
                   D              B7/D# 
     Christmas carols by candlelight 
                  A     D              A      A/G#   F#m
     Please come home for Christmas, please come home for Christmas 
                  B7         E7            A   A7  
     If not for Christmas,   by New Year's night 
                      D               Dm 
     Friends and relations send salutations 
       A              E         A  A7 
     Sure as the stars shine above 
                      D                      Dm 
     But this is Christmas, yes, Christmas my dear 
                   B7                         E  E 
     The time of year to be with the one you love 
Verse 3:
     So won't you tell me you'll never more roam 
     Christmas and New Year's will find you home 
                            A      C#7       F#m F#m/E D  D#dim  
     There'll be no more sorrow,    no grief and pain 
                   A     F#m       B7     E7   A  
     And I'll be happy,    (1: happy) once again 
                           (2: Christmas) 
repeat verse 3 with guitar solo over first two lines 
Outro: A  D  A  A  E  F#  C# (single notes on piano)

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