Falling Is Like This — Difranco Ani



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From: Adele McDonald 

Falling is Like This - Ani Difranco

C                                   G
You give me that look that`s like laughing
C                    G
with liquid in your mouth
C                              G
like you`re choosing between choking
C                    G
and spitting it all out
F                               G
like you`re trying to fight gravity
                     Am C
on a planet that insists
that love is like falling
      G         C   G  C  G
and falling is like this

C                      G
feels like reckless driving when we`re talking
C                                G
it`s fun while it lasts and it`s faster than walking
C                          G
but no one is going to sympathize when we crash
they`ll say you hit what you head for
you get what you ask
F                         G
and we`ll say we didn`t know
               Am C
we didn`t even try
F                                  G
one minute there was road beneath us
C      G        C
and the next just sky

I`m sorry I can`t help you
i cannot keep you safe
sorry I can`t help myself
so don`t look at me that way
we can`t fight gravity on a planet that insists
that love is like falling
and fallling is like this

Adele McDonald
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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