Dressed In Black — Depeche Mode



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SONG: DRESSED IN BLACK -- Black Celebration

[Bm Gm]

Bm               Gm
She's dressed in black again
    Bm          Gm
And I'm falling down again
Bb          C
Down to the floor again
Bb              C
I'm begging for more again
    Bm              Gm
But oh what can you do
When she's dressed in black

[Bm Gm]

   Bm           Gm
My mind wanders endlessly
   Bm                Gm
On paths where she's leading me
     Bb             C
With games that she likes to play
    Bb             C
And words that she doesn't say
Bm             Gm
Not when we're alone
And she's dressed in black

[Bm Gm]

     Bm                 Gm
As a picture of herself
        Bm                   Gm
She's a picture of the world
A reflection of you
A reflection of me
And it's all there to see
       Gm        Am
If you only give in
       Bb      C
To the fire within

Bm  Gm
Oh, Dressed in black again

Shadows fall onto me
And she stands there over me
And waits to encompass me
I lay here helplessly
But oh what can you do
When she's dressed in black

Dressed in black again

Chords transcribed by Viktor Holubek
 e-mail: holubek@managr.fm.uniba.sk

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