The End Of Medicine — New Pornographers



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New Pornographers - The End of Medicine

Intro F C E-D G C D F (x2)

Verse 1 (palm muted)
F                   C             E  D        G               C
The angel cries you bastard as we analyze the accent, so look out, you
       D            F             C                  E      D       G
rock'n'rollers over forty million served and thats a record for the master,
C             D
stood forever after..

Chorus 1
F                                 C            F
So are we, are we, are we, are we facing.. the end of all, of all the drugs
we're lacing?

Verse 2
     F                C            E     D         G                    C
With common sense and courtesy and other things we thought would be the end of 
        D             F            C                   E      D  G
us, but now they wont allow us our intentions. Oh, the mother of invention, 
        C           D
its her pleasure to repeat with feeling..

Chorus 2
F                              C          F                            C
Are we, are we, are we, are we facing the end of all the medicine were taking?

Interlude F G (just pluck the base note once for each) (x 2)

Verse 3
(no chords)                                 (guitar comes back) C      
Somewhere in this system there's an open ended list of all the lies we tell 
D                     F                C            E       D     G
unblinking thinking, What could we be living? Is it life or is it even in the
C             D       F                      C           E       D
realm of possibility? You see it when you're missing who came to see.
   G               C             D
Is this thing even on and on and on..?

*Repeat chorus 2 (x2)

Outro- repeat verse chords to fade out.

-tabbed by John Baer....(NP's ROCKED the Black Cat!! July 13th)

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