Send Me Down To Tucson — Mel Tillis



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 C                 Em           Am            Em  
No one wants to go down to Tucson in the summer  
    C               Em        Dm  
So this time the boss chose me  
 G7                 Dm                  G7              Dm  
I've been sort-a restless guess he thought it might help if  
       G7                       C  Dm  
I got away from my wife and family  
         C               Em                Am           Em  
There'd been no other woman since the mother of my children  
        C                Am          Dm   Fm  
And in each and every way she's a lady  
             G7                Dm            G7              Dm  
Now there's one that I'll remember a sultry night we spent together  
         G               G7           C  
And she satisfied the love inside of me  
 G7          C                 Em           Am           Em  
Go on and send me down to Tucson and I'll get the job done  
      C             Em                Dm   G7  
Then call up the one who's love is free  
 F            G7           Em        Am          Dm        Fm  
She may be easy and I love my lady but the lady don't satisfy  
     G7            C  
The love inside of me 
                         Em                 Am               Em  
I know my lady's not to blame cause they raised her prim and proper
       C                   Am                 Dm  Fm  
While another takes her pleasures where she can  
            G7                 Dm            G7           Dm  
The one in Tucson she don't hide it and when she gets excited  
               G                   G7    C  
She makes you feel you're every inch a man 
                       Em            Am            Em  
But if I could have a wish that I knew would be granted  
           C           Am           Dm  Fm  
Don't you know that one wish would be  
         G7              Dm         G7                 Dm  
Just to lay beside my lady and she'd be the kind of lady  
         G7                    C  
To satisfy the love inside of me  
Repeat #3

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