One In A Million — Larry Graham



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Intro: E  - A+7 }x2 
   A                                  A+7 
Love had played it's games on me so long, 
            A7              A7/B    A/C#    D+7 
I started to believe I'd never find    anyone, 
           Dm                          A/E  
Doubt had tried to convince me to give in, 
                Bm  Esus  
Said you can't win 
  A                                     A+7 
But one day the sun it came a' shinin' through, 
       A7               A7/B        A/C#   D+7 
The rain had stopped, and the skies were blue, 
    Dm               A/E      A#dim F#m  
And oh, what a revelation, to see, 
     Bm                             Esus  
Someone was saying "I love you" to me, 
   A         A+7        A7      A7/B    A/C#   D+7 
А one in a million, chance       of a   lifetime, 
      Dm               A/E   
And life showed compassion, 
       Bm      C#m      D+7         E    A A/G  
And sent to me a stroke of love called you, 
                    D+7 Esus   
А one in a million you. 
  A                                    A+7 
I was a lonely man with empty arms to fill, 
        A7                 A7/B     A/C#    D+7 
Then I found a piece of happiness to call my own. 
       Dm                       A/E  
And life is worth living, again, 
          Bm                    Esus  
For to love you, to me, is to live. 
(Repeat chorus 2x) 
А one in a million you..

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