Feeling Oblivion — Turin Brakes



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G  C  Bm  D

G			C		     Bm
Cubscouts are screaming,  Needing icecream and all the pleasures

     D    G                   C                        Bm
of June. I'm in a parked car flowers seem friendly and people in

	       D      G             	    C
hallways feel walls.  Now it is night time, maybe we're cruising

 Bm                D           G            C             Bm
avoiding the anti cruise. oh i don't really know where we are.

D             Am               C                 Bm
If things get real promise to take me somewhere else_______

D      Am                  C                     Bm      D
By the time fear takes me over will we still be roll____ing

                       G         C      Bm  D  (back to verse riff)
and feeling oblivion

      G     C      Bm  D     G     C        Bm    D
So don't leave me          here on my own

Alright Guys lay here, just thought id mention that my friend James Eustace is
a complete Knob!

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