Smile At Me — Rocksteddy



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   Intro: G - D/F# - Em - C (2x) 
   G       D/F#           Em  
   Funny how I fell for you  
           C                 G  
   And the day you caught my eye  
            D/F#               Em  
   And my life have never been the same 
             C                 G  
   Since the day I saw your smile  
           D/F#                Em  
   As it shine above than everyone 
     C                    G  
   Stand out from the crowd  
         D/F#                     Em  
   And somehow I can't find the words to say 
          C          Am7             
   You're indescribable  
             Bm7            C  
   And you sweep me off my feet 
          D               Am7  
   Everytime you smile at me 
        Bm7  C - D  
   At me, at me 
   E             A  
   You light my way  
   B              A             E  
   You always take my breath away  
   E             A/E  
   You set me free  
   E             B              E  
   When everytime you smile at me  
   Adlib: G - D/F# - Em - C (2x) 
   G                    D/F#           Em  
   There's this feeling that I can't hide  
           C                         G  
   That I couldn't get enough from you  
          D/F#              Em  
   I can't deny, I'm mesmerized  
              C              Am7  
   By the beauty of your smile  
           Bm7                 C   
   'Cause you knock me off my seat  
          D                Am7  
   Everytime you smile at me 
        Bm7   C - D  
   At me, at me 
   (Repeat Chorus 2x) 
   Coda: E - A - B - A 
         E - A - B - A - E    

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